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Meet The Team

Our History

Chapter Zero started back in 2015 by two mums who were yearning for children to have a childhood with more freedom, play, and respect so they set up the organisation hoping to make a change, with one family at a time.

We founded the Facebook Group Mindful/Respectful Parenting Singapore which now has 19.3K followers and has been instrumental in creating a large supportive community of parents and caregivers. 


The natural next step was to meet the growing demand of parents wanting more depth of learning which leads us to where we are today.


- Creating and facilitating in-house workshops 'Respectful Parenting Workshops Series' and 'The Mindful Nanny',

- Expert facilitated playgroups

- Training parents in the internationally known 'Parent Effectiveness Training',

- Hosting talks and events with Nonviolent Communication trainers

- Organising  our popular Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds where we give children the opportunity for some child led play and family bonding,

What's next for us? Continue supporting and learning together with caregivers.

Meet The Team

Li Ling Phua

Li Ling Phua is mother of two girls and Director at Chapter Zero. As a former MOE Educator, and home educating parent, Li Ling is passionate about supporting children's development and education respectfully.


She completed training in RIE® (Resources for Infant Educarers) Foundation in Auckland in 2017. Li Ling is also a certified facilitator of Circle of Security Parenting and an Instructor of Parent Effectiveness Training. 


A junkie of learning news skills, she taught herself to knit, weave, embroider and is seriously considering trying her hand at sewing clothes next.

Joline Lim

Joline Lim is a single mother of two children - aged 6 & 3. She believes she picked up most of her executive functioning skills from working 15 years in the grueling line of F&B.

Having joined the respectful caregiving community in 2016, she has since avidly studied and advocated for practical tools & skills that support the healthy holistic development of both children and caregivers. She has the honour of teaming up with Li Ling to fulfill their common passion of powering with the caregiving community in Singapore. As a Parent Advocate, she enjoys connecting with caregivers and understanding their needs and figuring out ways to support them.

Joline finds joy in the little things such as sipping warm frothy cappuccino on a rainy day, and silly puns. (PS: check out my mug shot.)

Aletheia Lee

Dr Aletheia Lee is a RIE® Associate and our child development specialist. Working and learning with communities around the world, she has seen how children are supported and raised in different cultures. She continually aspires to create safe spaces and environments that offer adults and young children the freedom to learn and shape their own experiences.

With a DPhil in Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics and a Masters in Psychology, she is passionate about the human design and combines insights about the brain, mind, body, and spirit, along with Magda Gerber's Educaring® Approach. 

When she's not at her desk, Aletheia is probably out grabbing coffee, or in the yoga studio, or somewhere on the road outdoors enjoying the planet.

Sophia Klopp

Sophia Klopp is a mother to three children born between 2006 - 2016.


She has transitioned her way from traditional into respectful parenting in 2015. It has been an interesting and some might say hair-raising journey (see picture!) to get her spouse on board and witnessing the difference in all three children who were parented differently in their younger years.


She’s a certified parent educator of Positive Discipline (Nelsen) and practices a combination of NVC, P.E.T. and Positive Discipline, among others.


She believes that one should take what resonates with them and apply it into their own unique journey.


Sophia loves to laugh, play and be silly with her family. During free time, she likes listening to podcasts and binge-watch shows.

Sophia Klopp.jpeg
Lie Ying

Lie Ying is a mindfulness Teacher certified by the Awareness Training Institute and UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. She has completed a 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program led by leading mindfulness experts Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, under the mentorship of Kaira Jewel Lingo.


She chanced upon mindfulness in 2013, during a 

period of extreme marital stress. Hearing mindfulness might be the answer to address her sense of helplessness at that time, she gave it a try and never looked back. 

She is passionate and committed to helping others find more balance and clarity in their lives through mindfulness practice. 


Lie Ying  loves to look at the sky, close her eyes and feel the wind. In her free time, she likes to play board games, play the kalimba and listen to audio books. 

Aminah Abdul Latif

Aminah is a mother to two boys and a certified Level 3 Forest School Leader with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, She is the co-founder of Hundred Paths- a forest school. Prior to joining the forest school industry, she was in the preschool industry for 15 years. 


Her teaching journey has led her to embracing a child-led approach towards learning and exploring. She believes that children are capable, resourceful, insightful, compassionate and competent

When she's not working, she takes delight in reading. She loves the smell of books and wishes she could sit in a library all day long-reading books on nature, unstructured play and trauma healing. She also finds comfort in painting and going for runs. 

'Atikah Kamsani

'Atikah is a stay at home mom to a toddler and two furry kitty cats. 


Despite having a background in sales and scheduling, she made a career switch and taught in preschool for 5 years with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She learnt about Respectful Parenting when she became a mother and has since been a big advocate for it. She strongly believes in the healing power of nature and being outdoors,  the Montessori Method and unstructured play. 

When not outside in a park somewhere with her little one, 'Atikah enjoys reading multiple books all at once (especially about play), the warmth of a hot cup of coffee and sewing children clothes.

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