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About Us

Our Team

 Chapter Zero Singapore is a social enterprise that supports parents of young children in respectful/mindful and evidence-based parenting. Founded in 2015 by Kasia and Shumei, it has reached 1,000s of parents, caregivers and educators in Singapore. 

From Left to Right, Steph, Aletheia, Shumei and Li Ling


Winstanley, Shu Mei, 30, is Founder and Director of Chapter Zero, and a mother of two. She is also an experienced negotiator, mediator and conflict resolution specialist. When she had her first child, she realised that parents were largely parenting how they were parented, or were following the latest fads and trends, without considering the evidence and research about a child’s care and education. With that in mind, she started Chapter Zero in December 2015, with the plan that it will plant a seed in the hearts of parents, educators, caregivers and nannies, i.e. our key target audience. She has completed trainings at various levels in Resources of Infant Educarers (RIE), Pikler, Playwork and NVC and has recently qualified as a P.E.T instructor.

Phua, Li Ling, 34, is a mother of one (with another on the way) and full-time Director at Chapter Zero. As a former MOE Educator, she is passionate about raising and educating children with empathy. She has completed training in RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Foundation. She is also a Certified Facilitator of Circle of Security Parenting as well as Parent-Infant classes for parents who wish to learn about building peaceful partnerships with their baby. Li Ling recently qualified as a P.E.T. trainer and is looking forward to sharing the philosophy with fellow parents.


She joined Chapter Zero in December 2017 when she returned to Singapore after living overseas for the previous 4 years. She continues to develop her understanding of childhood development as she is currently studying for a Masters in Education (Early Childhood). As a Director, she designs and facilitates Chapter Zero workshops and has completed private consultations for parents, workshops and Parent-Infant classes.

Having joined us in January 2019, Dr Aletheia Lee is a Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE®) intern (TM). As a well-travelled Singaporean she has seen how children are appreciated in different cultures around the world. It is these insights that inspire her to create safe spaces and environments that offer young children the freedom to learn and shape their own experiences. A qualified neuroscientist she knows her way around the inner workings of the brain having spent 10 years in a lab researching this fascinating organ. With her qualifications in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and a Masters in Psychology she is well versed in the human psyche.

Stephanie Chalmers, 34, joined us in 2019, is a mother of two young children. She has always worked in the education as she strongly believes that education is the key to a better future for all. A trained High School and English as Foreign Language Teacher she has always been in the position of facilitating learning and it was no different when her children arrived. She noticed a distinct lack of parental support in Singapore and was aware that drawing on her parental experiences from her own childhood were not inline with how she wanted to parent. She came across Respectful Parenting and this lead her to learn about P.E.T. and N.V.C having crossed paths with Chapter Zero on various workshops. She currently working on Chapter Zero branding, and is looking into building relationships so we can build up our business. She's also responsible for all our Pop-Ups and is completing some play based training with our Pop-Up Adventure Play friends in the UK.

Chapter Zero founded and supports the Respectful/Mindful Parenting Singapore group on Facebook which now has over 13,000 members.