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Previous Events

December 18, 2018

It was wonderful to be back at Playeum in December for their Content Creator’s Night, which saw many parents, educators and various organisations which worked with children come together to talk about play.


As part of the evening, we posed the question, “what are the barriers to children’s play?” for participants to discuss in their breakout focus group. We also enjoyed working with all of you playful people, see you all soon!

November 7, 2018

We wrapped up our NVC workshops with Dorset on parenting and Transforming Anger on November 7!

The Transforming Anger workshop provided practical tools as to how one can transform their anger into a healthy and compassionate way to communicate how your needs (and the needs of others!) can be met.


We hope we are able to host more workshops with Dorset and NVC in the future!

inkcreatives.jpg, hands, listening, workshop

October 12, 2018

Our friends at INK Creatives organized the Dreaming of Learning Festival together with The Finnish Design Learning Association. We facilitated an Empathy Workshop and hosted a pop-up for adults! 

Members of Youth Corps, NUS students and an educator from Finnish Design Learning Association joined our Empathy Workshop. The event was cosy and enjoyable for everyone there! Participants shared many insightful learnings and our cups are full.

October 8, 2018

We had the honour of conducting a full day workshop - ‘The Role of Educators in Supporting Toddlers’ - for a group of educators from E-Bridge Preschool last Thursday. We’re very thankful for the opportunity to share and learn together!


Here’s what one of the participants said about the workshop: ‘The workshop allowed me to reflect on my own childhood experiences and relate to the actions/triggers in me as an adult. It was also an opportunity for the teachers to reflect on their classroom practices and how their children learn best. There were a lot of aha! moments for me.’ - Irliana Tay

September 13, 2018

We facilitated a workshop on Nonviolent Communication for a group of special needs educators from Thye Hua Kwan today.


We would like to give special thanks to Christine King whose recent workshop inspired this session. We are so happy to be able to share NVC with educators from various schools and organisations!

August 25, 2018

Here are some scenes from Wen’s Nature Play Workshop for parents and educators today. It was a child-friendly workshop at National Museum’s Salon. The large space made it possible for children to play while the adults learn. All in all, it was a fun and educational experience for all!

July 27, 2018

We had the privilege of spending the entire day with 40 passionate infant educarers at E-Bridge Pre-School in Punggol for their Professional Development Day.


Together, we learnt about how infants moved, played, formed attachments with their caregivers, and how we can be more empathetic with the children we care for and each other. All of you have such incredibly important jobs, and we are grateful you came with open hearts and minds.

non violent communication, workshop, group, smiling

November 30-December 2, 2018

'What you cannot create, you do not understand.’ - Richard Feynman ⁣⁣⁣


‘Million More Discoveries’ by Chapter Zero goes live at ArtScience Museum today! Our play space is inspired by Nobel Prize winning physicist, Richard Feynman. It features 5 stations, lots of loose parts (thanks to the generous contributions of people who responded to our call for reusable materials online), and 3 days of play, creativity and exploration. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣


Take a look at the pictures to see what we have been up to! With the irreplaceable support of our friends Alyna (from The Learning Caravan), Chien Yu, and our families, we are excited to bring to you, ‘Million More Discoveries’! We are part of Science Flair which features many other fun activities over this three-day event!

November 4, 2018

‘When our attention is on the present and our intention is to connect with the other person without judgment, they receive the message that they are cared about.’


We attended two days of Nonviolent Communication (NVC, also called Compassionate Communication) Foundations Training by Dorset Campbell-Ross! 30 of us got together to learn the language of life - connecting with ourselves with compassion, receiving others with empathy, and expressing ourselves honestly. We shared moments of vulnerability, fun and connection over the weekend, and we are so happy to see the NVC community in Singapore growing

October 14-17, 2018

At our inaugural Play-Full Conference, we gleaned many insights about play from our amazing guest speakers and from playing! We're so grateful for all the people who made the conference a success:

- Our friends at Playeum whom we had the privilege and pleasure of co-hosting the conference with

- Guest speakers Nancy Lee-Wong (Pedagogical Consultant of Early Childhood Education), Yong Caiwen (Nature Play East Singapore), Dr Esther Joosa (Director of Pedagogy, Playeum), Suzanna Law (Pop-Up Adventure Play UK)

- Guest panellists Eugenia Koh (Co-founder, Playvocates In Action), Paul Harvey (Co-founder and Managing Director, Coalition Consulting), Ng Aik Yang (Co-founder and Director of Strategy and Planning, INK Creatives), Shirin Tan (Homeschooling parent of 4 who started Nature Co-op Homeschool Singapore)

- Our sponsors Busyboardies, Nuts & Bolts, Rolypoly Family, Ode to Home, Sophia Huang (Author of Nature Playtime - Emma and Popo), The Rain in Spain, L A G O M BOTANICALS SINGAPORE, The Tinker Yard by The Learning Caravan

- And of course, all the participants who came ready to play! *

This was a project supported by the @LearnSG Seed Fund "Every Day a Learning Day"

June 11, 2017

It was a deeply transformative weekend for us on the Nonviolent Communication Foundations Training, which was jointly organised with our friends at Sprouting Seeds.


We are looking forward to applying this in our workplaces and homes. We are grateful to Paulette Bray-Narai for her wisdom and time in sharing her work with us.

June 8-10, 2018

Chapter Zero's first ever Play-Full Weekend saw play advocates come together at "Play, Adventure & Risk-Taking", an insightful and engaging workshop by Pop-Up Adventure Play's Suzanna Law.


This was followed by a play-filled weekend with two Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds at Playeum and Clementi Woods Park respectively. We had a blast organising the events for the weekend and a wonderful time meeting families who came down to play. See you at our next Pop-Up!


Thank you Larry Toh Photography and Olivia Oh for photos *A project supported by the @LearnSG Seed Fund.

February 12, 2016

We were very excited to invite parents with young children to our very first Mindful Morning, a free event organized in collaboration with Stork's Nest Singapore.


The program included talks about a mindful and evidence-based approach to parenting by our expert Dr Penny Tok Reddish and International Medical Clinic's Dr Foong Tsin Uin.


A beautiful play space for babies and toddlers was curated by Playhao, and children were invited to join in for a capoeira music jam. Our partners, Expat Insurance, The Garden House Preschool, The Mindful Company and Playhao were also there! 

Interested In Having an Event?

Chapter Zero has planned and organized activities for public, private, and school events. We engage with groups of all sizes and will speak about a wide range of topics. 


Contact us at for more information or with any questions or requests.

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