Growing Up in Trust By Justine Mol

Based on the ideas of nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg, "Growing Up In Trust" looks at the impact of reward and punishment on children and on the relationship between the children and their parents, teachers and other grown-ups around them.


The way we bring up our children leads to disinterest, shame and fear, and competition. There is an alternative method, and it is based on trust. "Growing up in Trust" is about a world beyond right and wrong, where no one tells children what they should do.


They already have an inborn morality and a longing to please and to learn. This can grow if we give an example in being social and authentic, if their needs are just as important as ours. So it is not about letting children take over. It is about taking care of ourselves and being clear about what we want. Then we have the energy to be interested in what is going on with our children.

Growing Up in Trust By Justine Mol

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