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Schools and
Corporate Organisations

Ways We Can Work With
Schools and Corporate Organisations

Chapter Zero runs webinars, online talks, online workshops, as well as in-person workshops for schools and corporations.

It is our goal to equip people with skills to communicate more authentically and empathically, and to resolve conflicts calmly, building their family’s social and emotional vocabulary.


We can customise our evidence-based content for standalone topics or programme a series of webinars and/or workshops based on your needs and objectives. We are also open to collaborating with other speakers and coming on board panel discussions.


Some of our past clients include Woodlands Health, Goldman Sachs, SwissRe, DBS, MOE Kindergarten, MOE Schools, Etonhouse, Nurture Star, PPIS and PCF Sparkletots to name a few.


Recommended to be run for a minimum of 90 mins to allow for sufficient / effective interaction. Sessions may be extended for 2hr - 8hrs (single to multi-day) to allow for more in-depth practice, discussions and experiential learning. 


Group Size:

Works for intimate groups of less than 20 or up to large groups of 100. We keep it engaging with polls, reflective questions and sharings.

Interested In Working With Us?

Please contact us at

for the more information of what we offer and costs.

Topics Available

For adults

  • Mindfulness Essentials

  • Introduction to Compassionate Communication (based on Nonviolent Communication principles)

  • Understanding and Managing Emotional Triggers


For parents of younger children (infant - preschooler) 

  • Introduction to Respectful Parenting

  • Peaceful Partnership with your Toddler

  • Raising Secure / Independent Children

  • Coping with Toddler’s Big Feelings

  • Managing Separation Anxiety and Nurturing a Secure Attachment

  • The Importance of Child-Led Play

  • Seeing Tantrums with New Eyes - an introduction to Self-Regulation

  • The Mindful Nanny Infant and Toddlers


For parents of older children (primary schoolers - teens)

  • Problem Ownership - The Behaviour Window

  • The Power of Active / Empathetic Listening

  • Expressing Your Needs and Boundaries Respectfully

  • Parent Effectiveness Training (programme by Dr Thomas Gordon)

  • Introduction to Compassionate Communication (based on Nonviolent Communication principles)

  • Positive Discipline (programme by Dr Jane Nelsen, based on Adlerian psychology)

  • The Mindful Nanny Juniors


Pop-Up Playground - we work with spaces and venues to organise free-play sessions open to all parents and children.

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