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Let's Talk About Multiples

Chapter Zero Singapore | Let's Talk About PPD

“How do you do it?” is a question parents of twins or triplets hear on a regular basis. Indeed, no one can better understand the meaning behind “life’s one big balancing act” than a parent of multiples. We talk to three parents to get a deeper understanding of how they manage their public and private lives with twins and triplets. From pregnancy to newborns to schooling, we find out what daily life is like when one has two or more kids at a time.


Chapter Zero Singapore | Our Contributors (Ermita)


Friends, family members and strangers are always approaching me and telling me how they sympathise with me because I must be “suffering” having to handle so many children of the same age at once. I think people underestimate the power of adaptation - we adapt to our condition and we overcome learning curves and with time, what seems difficult becomes the new normal.

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Chapter Zero Singapore | Our Experts (Red Miller)


I wish more people could experience the magic of being parents to twins! I cannot describe the happiness, love and satisfaction that I get from being a mom to twin boys. Imagine receiving double doses of everything – the hugs, kisses, cuddles, and whisperings of “Good morning/night, mommy” and “I love you, mommy”.

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Chapter Zero Singapore | Our Contributors (Shwu Huey)


My heart goes out to those folks with identical twins or even same sex twins because the challenge is NOT referring to them as one! They are Jacob and Vivianne, not "them" or "they" or "the twins"! When the children are small it doesn't seem like such a big deal but as they get older, it can cause a bit of internal conflict and infighting in different situations. I'm sure there are lots of twins that don't mind this combined identity but in my experience, it can cause a lot of conflict between them the older they get.

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