What Is Respectful and Mindful Parenting?

When you imagine what your child will be like as an adult, what qualities they will have and how they will engage with the world you may also be thinking, how can I support my child to grow up like that? The core belief of Respectful Parenting is that children are people too, they are born into the world as complete, capable beings and we should trust in their competence. 

Being a respectful parent is about unconditionally loving your child, no matter what happens so they feel supported, loved, heard, trusted and valued as individuals. A strong foundation and connection with a primary care giver is what gives them the confidence, independence and resilience to be happy, unique individuals.

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Hello From the Team

Caring for children can be tough.


We welcome you with open hearts into our community of parents/caregivers who are trying to raise their children in a more mindful way.



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Testimonials From Parents

Employer of Participant

Mindful Nanny Workshop

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for a fantastic course. My helper came back with a whole new perspective on childcare, play and discipline. The way she has taken your suggestions on board has far exceeded my expectations when I decided to send her for it. When I get home at the end of the day now, my helper tells me about how my daughter has responded positively to her methods that day. She has even taken to gently correct my daughters other caregivers (my parents) for using distraction. In all I am very pleased and would recommend this course to all my friends' helpers."

“My wife and I are proud parents to a gregarious 3.5 years old girl who is as expressive as she is strong willed. The ‘Raising a Secure Child’ workshop has helped me understand her better and more importantly, how to deal with certain situations in a calm and respectful manner. Being able to hear and share stories with other like-minded parents in the session was heart-warming to know that I’m not alone in trying to grapple with parenthood.”

"Li ling had been genuine in sharing her knowledge and experience. She was also extremely patient with our questions despite being down with a pretty bad cold/cough throughout the workshop series. The materials she prepared are all very relevant and close to our hearts. She's a strong role model for us, and inspires us to want to continue on this mindful parenting path."

Jack, Participant

Raising a Secure Child Workshop

Anonymous Participant

Respectful Parenting Workshop

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