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Our Values

Chapter Zero is more than a social enterprise that creates awareness, and educates with respectful caregiving content and courses. 


We are a community that’s all about compassion, connection, mindfulness, authenticity and trust. 


A nurturing village of passionate individuals that accepts you, and is here for you to help you uncover and meet your needs. 


We are honoured to be a home ground for many who are breaking intergenerational cycles and creating intentional cycles to uplift the next generation. 


Connecting within and beyond our shores to befriend and support others who wish to set up nurturing caregiving villages of their own.

Learn About Our Values At Chapter Zero...



To approach with a curiosity towards the feelings and needs of others and of one’s self.


To be wholeheartedly present, open, honest, and accepting of vulnerability.

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To foster relationships through thoughtful observation & effective communication.



To practice the giving and receiving of empathy, support, and encouragement.



To practice awareness through pausing, slowing down and reflecting.



To meet each person where they are at in their unique journey and trusting that they will grow when readiness, willingness and resources are aligned.

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