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Pop-Up Adventure Playground


So, what is a Pop-Up Adventure Playground?

Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds (a.k.a. Pop-Ups_ are public celebrations of child-directed play, best characterised by an abundance of loose parts (e.g. Cardboard boxes, fabric, tape, string, tyres etc) and supportive, playful adults.

Why does Chapter Zero organize pop-ups?

We are huge advocates for play and a child’s right to play. Why? We believe that play is an essential part of everybody’s life, no matter their age, background, hair colour or favourite kind of ice-cream.

Chapter Zero has been organising temporary (normally lasts about 2-3 hours) Pop Ups with organisations such as community centres, neighbourhood committees, schools, events and government organisation since 2014.


The more we seem to do, the more parents and carers are learning about the value of child-led play. That’s our goal here, to spread the word and get more children in charge of their own play destiny (and development).

If you are curious about what Child Led Play is check out our blog.

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What do you need to organize a pop-up for your local community?

  • Children! Aged 2+ (min. 30. max 100!)

  • At least 3-5 , energetic, playful and open minded volunteers.

  • A space to play, woods, parks, grassy areas are the most fun, indoor is also possible.

  • Some funding to help pay for the rental, delivery of our play materials and some wonderful play facilitators. Where possible we prefer this event is free of charge to the public.

We’ll provide the materials and ensure the children are safe and equally free to play as they wish.

Register your interest with us by dropping us an email.​


Upcoming pop-ups

Check out our Facebook page for details of the upcoming pop-ups.

Previous Pop-Ups

Our last few Pop-Ups

2019: The Year We Did 8 Pop-Ups!

Pop-up Adventure Playground @ Baghdad Street

06 Aug 2016


What an amazing event we had! All our dreams came true when children continued having fun even despite the rain. It was all about play, play and more play!

Thank you to Pop-Up Adventure Play for all your guidance and wisdom in the field of playwork and to Singapore Wellness Association for letting us run our first Pop-Up Adventure Playground on Baghdad Street. Playstreets is such a wonderful and important initiative and we hope we can continue to support it.


Check out our Facebook album for more photos! And if you would like to read a short summary of this pop-up, please click here.

Pop-up Adventure Playground @ Tanderra

22 Oct 2016


This Pop-Up Adventure Playground was held at Tanderra, a boutique family members club at Dempsey Hill. Its beautiful heritage site offered an inspiring space and plenty of play opportunities for the children, who along with their parents showed up in droves! An estimated 300-strong happy crowd turned up to tinker with loose parts, roll tyres, slide down cardboard slides, build box forts, and play with whatever they liked, however they wished as the adults sat back and watched the play unfold!


We would like to record our appreciation to Pop-Up Adventure Play for their wonderful support and guidance, to Anjuli and the entire Tanderra team, thank you so much for this opportunity for us to come together and work hand in hand in making this celebration of child-directed play happen, and to all our volunteers - Ana, Eugenia, Hamish, Jacintha, Jiahui, Masturah, Olivia, Sheera, Sourabh and Voja, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your immense efforts and for always going that extra mile.


A special mention goes to Kenn Delbridge for his incredible photographs that capture so well the essence of play!

Check out our Facebook album for more photos!

Pop-up Adventure Playground @ Playeum

10 Dec 2016


Our 5th and final pop-up for the year took place last Saturday at Playeum's Playazza. This time round we got to see children engage in a lot of socio-dramatic play from delivering babies, to building houses (including laying internet cables!) and riding cardboard trains. We hope everybody enjoyed themselves as much as we did!


Thank you to Pop-Up Adventure Play for their continuous support, Playeum for giving us access to their amazing outdoor space and to our volunteers (Achal, Ana, Duyen, Olivia, Reddy, Sourabh and Voja) - please know that we couldn't have done it without you.

Check out our Facebook album for more photos!

2016: The Year the Rain Poured Upon and We Played More

Pop-up Adventure Playground @ Clementi Woods

17 Sep 2016


We held a Pop-Up Adventure Playground at the Amphitheatre of Clementi Woods Park. Tucked away in the park, this space offered many play opportunities for the children between 9 months and 9 years old as over 100 people attended this pop-up. Children slid down the steep slopes on self-made cardboard slides, climbed trees, swung on tyre swings, cooked noodles in their dens and built rocket ships... as adults also engaged in their own play!


Thank you to Pop-Up Adventure Play for your continued guidance during our playworking journey. Thank you also to our volunteers Olivia Oh, Sheera Conway, Duyen Huynh and Hamish Winstanley for your tremendous help, as well as to Janee Monis Nigos for your wonderful photographs.

Check out our Facebook album for more photos! And if you would like to read a short summary of this pop-up, please have a look at this wonderful article from our dear friend Ilona Tar.

2018: The Year We Experienced 'Time Slow Down' During Play