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Working with Corporates

Ways we can Work With Schools / Corporate organisations

We work with businesses who are looking to support their employees with learning new parenting skills. Sometimes it's just a change of perspective or a new way of doing things that helps parents.


We offer webinars and talks to share our knowledge and experience around chosen parenting topics. Our corporate clients find this a great way to spark conversation and help parents kickstart changes in their parenting journey.

1 hour (incl Q & A)

Available via Zoom or In-Person


Parents often come to us because something at home just doesn’t’ feel right, it’s may be causing them stress, anxiety and guilt. They just don’t know where to start or what different approach to take. Our interactive workshops use experientials to enable learning, discussions and reflection on a range of topics.

2.5 – 3 hours

Available via Zoom or In-Person

Available as a series of workshops.

Interested In training with us?

Please contact us at for the full package of Workshops/Webinars/Talks we offer and costs.

Topics available

  • Respectful Parenting

  • Peaceful Partnership with your Toddler

  • Raising Secure / Independent Children

  • Coping with Big Feelings

  • Seeing Play with New Eyes

  • How to be a “Good Enough” Parent During a Pandemic

  • How to Talk About Sensitive Topics with children

  • Communicate to Connect: Effective and Compassionate Communication (from Nonviolent Communication)

  • From Conflict to Collaboration (From Nonviolent Communication)



We offer additional topics and are able to put together bespoke material if necessary.

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