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Being With Baby Parent-Infant Space

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You and your baby (4 to 9 months old) are warmly invited to join our Being With Baby Parent-Infant Space, an 8-session programme based on the approach of Dr Emmi Pikler and designed to help build peaceful partnerships.


Over the course of a term of 6 weeks, you will learn how to:

- ‘see’ your baby with ‘new eyes’

- ‘be’ with your baby in order to build and maintain a partnership with your baby

- support your baby in their growth

- give your baby a head start by going slowly and respectfully.

During these 8 sessions, your baby will be offered:
- a peaceful and unhurried environment to simply ‘be’
- the freedom and space to lead their own exploration and motor development
- a supportive space where they can develop their first social, emotional and language skills.

We provide a nurturing community for you and your baby to engage and grow together, as well as to share your struggles and breakthroughs.

To express interest, drop us a note at!

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