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2019: How Will Our Play Look This Year?



Check out our Facebook page for details of the upcoming pop-ups.

Pop-up Adventure Playground @ Clementi Woods park

29 June 2019

What a turn out we had at our Clementi Woods Park Pop-Up Adventure Playground! We had a great mix of new families from the local area and our hard core Pop-Up fans come and play. Such a lovely feeling to see the children at peace, exploring, sliding, building, rolling drumming, drawing and splashing.


The biggest hit was the tarpaulin slide on the hill and of course, as always the Cardboard box creations. There was a cats house, a family shop, some robots and some objects that only the children knew what they were building and doing. We saw a lot of focussed individual creations that required a lot of problem solving and determination to reach their end goal.


At times it was so busy with children playing, those who wanted to swing sticks around had to move consider the space and moved to a safer place to play. All the considerations that happen during child led play is learning.


We are so grateful to the West Coast Neighbourhood Committee for inviting us and allowing this community event to happen and of course our volunteers who always come with their passion to facilitate play and ensure that as adults we don't interrupt the play. Check out all the photos on the West Coast NC Facebook page.


We're hoping to see you all again at this venue soon!

Pop-up Adventure Playground @ Toa Payoh East Novena

23 Feb 2019

Ah. What a blast we had playing under the breezy communal space @ Toyah Payoh East Novena. We had all ages, abilities and mix of ethnicities connecting and sharing an experience. The unique steps surrounding the main play arena became a great obstacle, used for rolling, sliding and constructing. A real test of engineering ability and innovation, which seemed easy for those who came along today. As always the cardboard boxes proved to be the most versatile. My personal favourite was watching the tranquil and focussed drawing happening, whilst being sprawled out on top the cardboard itself. Feeling safe, uninhibited and free to play.

Thanks to the folks at Toa Payoh East Novena CC and our amazing Chapter Zero volunteers for all their hard work in making this event so successful. See you next time!

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