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Schools / Corporates

Ways we can Work With Schools


We organise bespoke workshops for educators about the benefits of child led play and how to support pre-school children in their learning through respectful approaches.

Basically, if its to do with the benefits of play and anything related to being mindful and respectful to a young chil then we can create a workshop about it.

Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds

We can organise Pop-Up Adventure playgrounds as a field trip, as part of an educator workshop training, or as a whole school family celebration.



We can host talks for parents about topics parents struggle with such as Respectful Parenting, Understanding anger and triggers, How to talk about sensitive topics such as race, consent and sex. 

Interested In working with us?

Please contact us at if you would like to find out more about how we can work with your school.

WHAT Educators ARE SAYING...

'The workshops allowed me to reflect on my own childhood experiences and relate to the actions/triggers in me as an adult. It was also an opportunity for the teachers to reflect on their classroom practices and how their children learn best. There were a lot of aha! moments for me.' 

- Pre-school teacher, from 'The Role of Educators in Supporting Toddlers' workshop.

'Thanks so much for the Pop-Up on Saturday! Our hearts are still warm today. Thanks for sharing the love for Child Led Play, It's spreading for sure.'- Montessori Pre-School Principal 

'I enjoyed working with someone so thoughtful and considerate as Stephanie. The set-up (from the loose parts to the aprons and tags for volunteers) was beautifully put together... they successfully provoked the children's interest and how they would want to play. Your observations about the children really moved me aswell. Just meeting them for the first time and you could pull out their unique traits. The free play really allows us to see the children's strengths and personalities, and i am just learning that. ;.)' - Educator who organised a Field Trip to a Pop-Up Adventure Playground.

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